CURRENT ISSUE #79 - 10th of July, 2021

What's Inside

Getting Tanked:
The Conversion Continues...

MaleBots.Com's newest E-Zine is released!

Issue 79 contains 3 brand new, original image galleries and many new stories!

The CG artwork of MBC member/co-creator CyberWerks is featured on the front cover of E-Zine Issue 79, along with a super-sexy gallery containing many brand new images. Check it out HERE.

Member Rex Gravis has contributed his first photo set of his own artwork!
We're excited to feature his original work here on MaleBots.
Check it out HERE.

The third and final gallery features an all-new photo set created in the
MaleBots.Com Laboratory. JD-1116 and The Collective test out all the latest gear. We show off our new mind control device/helmet, as well as new armor and electronics that contain tech inspired by DARPA's latest creation.
Check it out HERE

E-Zine Issue 79 also contains many new original stories written by our own members who are the most creative authors! You MUST check out all the latest on our stories board HERE. The BotBoard has also been incredibly active these past few months, with over 400 new members from around the world!

We hope you enjoy all that the new Issue has to offer!

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Zeros and Ones:
and the art of a good program. Part 2

MaleBots.Com's latest E-Zine is released!
Issue 78 contains four new image galleries, a new video, and many new stories!

MBC Collective members Fillimaris and Sam Hypnosis visited The Lab again, recently. We had very productive sessions, with some serious programming time as well as play time in our favorite gear.
Three of the galleries contain imagery from those sessions.

The new video is also from these sessions...the serious side of things.
Featured is our new programming headset. This latest addition to our tech gear can accomplish much in shorter amounts of time, so we can gain ground more quickly when creating and upgrading our cyborgs and robots. Even just watching the video can be hypnotic, so please make sure you're in the correct environment when watching and listening.

The fourth gallery contains new imagery from the collective's most talented computer graphics artist, CyberWerks (M4CYX). Seriously, for what turns you on, you won't find more realistic, high-quality CG anywhere else on the Internet! With such passion and attention to detail, CyberWerks delivers every time.

And as usual, our authors have been at it non-stop, especially these last few months. Make sure to check out all of the new stories mentioned on the front cover of E-Zine 78, as well as all of the other greats that we didn't have the space to mention! THANK YOU, AUTHORS!

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And remember, you can always make a non-monetary donation to the collective in order to gain access to all that MaleBots has to offer. You can create high quality photos, imagery and videos, as well as donating technology and gear. Please visit our CONTRIBUTIONS page to contribute content, or send an email to to discuss donating tech and gear in exchange for access.

Thank you for your support!.  

Zeros and Ones:
and the art of a good program.

MaleBots.Com's E-Zine Issue 77 has been released!
For Issue 77, we welcome MBC members Fillimaris & SamHypnosis to the Lab.
Both members are the first official humans to receive official programming similar to what JD-1116 first received back in 2001, from JD-1116 himself!
In the first of many upcoming sessions, they receive their first official cyborg designations, as JD-1116 relentlessly and effectively burns their first programming directives into their now part human/part machine brains.
View and experience both galleries (Part 1 and Part 2) from these sessions right here in E-Zine Issue 77, each image with it's own text!

E-Zine Issue 77 also features a gallery of brand new CG imagery, called
"Rock Solid Hard" by M4CYX...who is also our latest "Member of the Month".
Cyberwerks, aka M4CYX, for those not familiar, is the original creator of MaleBots back in 2001, and launched the site officially on December 24th, 2002, along with "Tommy" of  RUBBERMEN.COM and JD-1116.
Although not directly involved with MaleBots in years, Cyberwerks has been here behind the scenes to help with technical issues and to offer advice. He is also the sole creator of some of the sexiest CG (computer graphic) animation stills and videos here on MaleBots (and off), again as M4CYX.
A big thank you from our community, to you, Cyberwerks!

E-Zine Issue 77 also features many brand new, all original stories from our own infamous authors, as well as some new authors as well. Make sure to check out the "Stories" board for reads guaranteed to get you off, every time!

always, thank you for your support.

Up In The Laboratory:
Inside The Inner Sanctum
E-Zine Issue 76 has been released.
Up In The Laboratory: Inside The Inner Sanctum focuses on some of the
behind-the-scenes workings at The MaleBots Lab. First and foremost, the issue celebrates the visit of Biobot to The Lab this past summer. One of the photo galleries in this issue tells the story of one of the scenes between JD-1116 & Biobot from the few days they spent together. Each of these super-sexy images also contains a caption that tells the story.

Issue 76 also shows the final product of what has become of RK-1251 (aka Mr. Kristofer), who is settling in very nicely as MaleBots.Com's first full-time, live-in robotic cyborg. Years in the making, RK-1251 will now help JD-1116 with all lab duties, a few of which are shown in his own photo gallery, again each photo with it's own caption.

Issue 76 also focuses on the return of Calvin, first featured in E-Zine  Issue 71. Calvin's photo gallery, also with it's own captions for each image, tells the story of how Calvin decided to opt out of becoming a fully robotized human cyborg like RK-1251, and keep his human appearance, with partial programing, to create the ultimate robotic companion for JD-1116.

Last but not least, we honor MaleBots member "M1" with "Member of the Month" status. M1 has done SO MUCH for our community. MaleBots would not be here if it were not for his wisdom, kindness and generosity over the years. Make sure to check out his profile (linked on the front cover of Issue 76), and read more about this incredible man/machine.

Enjoy, everyone! More to come soon.

As always...thank you for your support.

Taking Control: Part 2

MaleBots.Com celebrates it's 15th Anniversary with E-Zine 75...featuring a brand-new 14 minute video starring Mr. Kristofer, in the latest installment of the UltiMate Series...Taking Control 2. The video was shot in The Lab during one of many intense scenes with Mr. Kristofer and JD-1116. Whereas most of the time it's serious business, JD & Kris know how to have a good time and get in a few laughs as well!

E-Zine 75 also features a massive gallery of still images that were taken with a separate camera during the filming of the video, so they are unique as none of them were taken from the video itself. The video and still images are most likely JD's best work, to date.

Another highlight of E-Zine 75 is a brand-new huge gallery of CG images, created by M4CYX...entitled "CAMP ALPHA: SEXUAL TRAINING".
The design and detail of these images are his best yet.

Last, but not least, MaleBots member "Biobot" is also featured in the new
E-Zine issue as our "Member of the Month"! Check out the page and visit his profile to say "hi"!

Log in to check it all out and see what we've been up to! For those of you that would like a FULL Membership to MaleBots, we are now offering a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for only $99 (a HUGE savings over our regular store pricing, which is $89 for 1 year and $49 for 6 months). Membership gives you access to thousands of images, over 50 videos and video clips, over 1,000 original stories and our expansive message board system that helps bond our worldwide online community of over 14,000 members! Join us as we celebrate our 15th online anniversary this month! There's no other place like it on the Internet!

Our $99 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP special runs through March 31st, 2019.
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We hope you enjoy MaleBots.Com's E-Zine 75!
As always, thank you for your support.


Camp Alpha: Mental Prep

Issue 74 is released! "Camp Alpha: Mental Prep" is part one of a concept and incredibly designed/crafted CG gallery and story, created by M4CY (aka CyberWerks/JimmyB). Not even the top scientists at Cyberdyne can tell at what point the mind of an Alpha Drone will merge with the collective. After being electronically canceled, an Alpha's thoughts ultimately synchronize with the unconscious group impulses that provide movement and pleasure within the system. The mind numbing chatter of the collective suddenly crystalizes and what was an individual mind becomes a fully aware interactive node in the Alpha network. Alpha Drone networks are only conscious as a group with individual nodes programmed and driven as cybernetic peripherals. At Cyberdyne's Camp Alpha, Uber Drones are programmed to monitor the mental prep in process and initialize permanent bonding procedures that synchronize both mind and body of individuals opting for Alpha conversion.

Also featured in Issue 74 is a brand new video and gallery of stills, created by
JD-1116, entitled "Hypno Jack-Off". After long days and nights in The Lab, sometimes JD-1116 relaxes and jerks off to a few hypno files/clips that a member here contributed a while back, but has yet to be shared here. Sit back, put on your robo-gear and join JD-1116 in this hypnotic jack-off session!

And last, but NOT least, MBC features imagery and an interview with the folks at "Robot Costume, U.S.A.", who are working with us on the exo part to a new suit we are custom designing!


Taking Control

MaleBots E-Zine Issue 73 is released, featuring a brand new video! A FREE TO ALL MEMBERS trailer for the video is also part of the new update.

"Taking Control: Part Three of the Ultimate Cybernetic Transformation Series", features the super-hot and sexy Mr. Kristofer of Colt fame as well as his own kink blog and Mr. S Leather affiliation. The video features the recently 'acquired' Kristofer having his humanity erased via The Lab's most current technologies. Mind Control, psycho-sexual programming, physical and mental bondage, electronic/electro-magnetic stimulation of the brain are the main themes here. Once Kris's mind is wiped, it it replaced by a completely submissive hybrid of man and machine on the path to a completely controlled robotic cyborg via MaleBots.Com's mainframe, SYSTEM CONTROL.

Also featured in the new E-Zine Issue is "Uber Drones", a gallery of 33 computer graphic images created by M4CY (aka CyberWerks/Jimmy B). n

Thank you for your support.


Breaking The Seal

Much has been going on these last few months. Many sessions in The Lab  with some of our long-time members as well as some new fresh meat ;-)

Our latest update to the site takes the form of MaleBots E-Zine Issue 72,  featuring the super-sexy one-and-only Kristofer Weston (aka Mr. Kristofer) known for his work with Colt Studios and Mr. S Leather. Both Kristofer and JD have been wanting to do programming sessions in The Lab for a long time, and in this issue we get to explore our  fantasies...the end result being 2 galleries (each containing 33 images) of incredibly HOT still imagery, followed by video footage of the session in the next E-Zine Issue 73, coming in just under 2 weeks.

E-Zine Issue 72 also features another gallery from M4CY (aka Cyberwerks/JimmyB) containing 33 brand new CG images...the most life-like he has done to date. The models, sets and  theme are sure to get you going!

Finally, E-Zine Issue 72 features 12 new stories from our infamous authors who are working  tirelessly to keep you 'rock hard and ready' 24-7.

Thank you for your support!
It's been an incredible 15 years!

Feed The Machine

Issue 71: We're back! MBC's "Feed The Machine" is the latest update featuring our newest LAB subject, Calvin. Over the next few E-Zine updates we're going to be going through various mind and physiological control experiments with Calvin and 2 other super hot male subjects. Most of the research is planned and some has been filmed and documented already, but there's still room for suggestion! What would YOU like to see happen with Calvin? It's open for discussion on the BotBoard! This gallery features over 80 high-quality images!

Issue 71 also features 16 CG (computer graphics) images created by M4CY, aka Cyberwerks/Jimmy B.
MaleBots.Com commissioned these works with some direction to the theme. We hope to see more from M4CY as well as other new CG artists we are working with.

To wrap up this latest E-Zine issue, Rubber Cyberdroid created another short video  especially for MaleBots. JD-1116 composed and audio track to add to the effect. Check it all out!

RE: Calibration Test

Issue 70: MBC delivers the best, highest quality video we've ever presented. The video is complimented with a gallery of 33 hot images of Tyler Rush from his visit to the newly renovated laboratory. There are hot new stories from RAM, Londongear and Cyberwerks, with scores of hunky new assimilation's from Borg4of12.

In RE: Calibration Test, you are connected to a complex system that transports your consciousness to a virtual laboratory. There you experience a dark master controlling your every move. Is that your hand on your cock, or is it his hand?  Is he real, or just an illusion?

Relax as he monitors your brain activity and toys with your ass through tight neoprene shorts. Eventually he sinks an electric butt plug deep inside. And with your testicles wired for the orgasm of your life, he takes direct physical control of your arms to get you there.

Featuring CyberWerks and Tyler Rush with JD-1116 as the lab assistant, don't be surprised if RE: Calibation Test is your new favorite.

Jon E Case is on his way to becoming the NA's first completely controlled cybernetic asset, code named, Agent Prime. In Issue 69 we discover what can happen to a man when hot digital flesh meets cold calculating technology. A detailed HD gallery of Agent Prime being prepared for service compliments a full year of MBC story contributions.

Also featured is a set of new hybrid-media images where JD and CyberWerks fine-tune techniques of integrating a live model into interactive CG environments. The new system is demonstrated in a gallery of images from an upcoming music video,  a recent musical release now available from the usual digital sources.

Are you interested in having yourself modeled into a hot cybernetic virtual reality? Contact us for details.

A bonus CyberWerks gallery of replication study images "Cloning Lab" is also featured in Issue 69.

After going above and beyond the call of duty serving their country, former Special Forces soldiers Mark, Mario, and Craig were offered positions as experimental subjects at the prestigious Finsey Institute for the Study of Homosexual Intercourse. MaleBots.Com brings you this exclusive look from inside the secretive organization with glimpses of its mastermind.  Dr. Corona Finsey is presently studying electrical activity in the brain as men are engaged in homosexual activities.

Catch Finsey in his secret Observatory and drift through as we monitor the former soldiers in 37 exclusive images from CyberWerks. Will there be a Part 2? Or will these guys be sent to DARPA for more modifications?

Also observe another stimulating retrospective from The Laboratory: Ten years later "Mechanical Mania" still views as one of the hottest specimens of cybernetic sexual intercourse ever documented. See all 53 minutes full-size as a 640x480 Quicktime download.

Also hot new stories from Jeep4191 and Cyber-Cub, a movie review of the 2013 sci-fi blockbuster, Pacific Rim, and three special "Easter Eggs"- can you find them?

Hans and Fredrick are more efficient fighting machines now that there is a designated an area where openly gay Super-Soldiers can relieve their sexual tension.  Fredrick usually grabs Hans from behind and and sends him over the line. Hans usually does most of the work unless Fredrick is actually in the mood to take his helmet off. There are advantages to servicing your needs on-base but soldiers who use the facilities often forfeit their privacy.

See Hans and Fredrick releasing sexual tension in MaleBots Issue 67.  With 46 sizzling renderings and a hot new music video!

Also great new story titles from some of your favorite MaleBots authors.

Big thanks to all the men who keep our juices flowing!


The Male Adroids group is hosting a contest in search of the hottest  digitally created cybernetic man. See the contest announcement - viewable to all members!

Issue 66 also features a hot seven minute CG animation that Cyberwerks has titled "The Mind Wipe". It will move you to experience  "The Installation" from every angle, inside and out! Also featured in the classic five part story "Mind Wipe" contributed by Rubbag in 2008. A dozen of the most recent MBC stories are also linked along with hot new gallery images from Rubrad and Freakshow.



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